We've tried to get as much information about NISSAN Fleet Sales into this section as possible. There is so much information about Fleet management available, it can be hard to pick out what you need to know, so have a look around and if or when you need more information, get in touch with Lee Diment, for more information, or to arrange an appointment.

Fleet Managers like our low whole life costs, reliability and are happy in the knowledge that our cars can stand up to everything the job can throw at them. Company Car Drivers like our cars' high specification, comfort and reliability. With our extensive range of models and vehicles with clean engines, we could also help to lower your tax bills.

We hope this section provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Why buy a NISSAN

By providing the highest quality service throughout your Nissan fleet ownership, involving both centralised account management and excellent support through our specialist dealer network, we aim to be your fleet manufacturer of choice.

Whether you’re a fleet manager, small business owner or a company car driver, you’ll find all the information and tools you need to choose and manage Nissan cars and LCVs here.

Use these tools to calculate everything from your personal tax liability to how much a Nissan fleet may cost over time plus, benefit from our comparison tools that help you decide which vehicles are right for your business.


We’re not just there at the point of sale. Our Nissan Aftersales team will be by your side from start to finish to make managing and maintaining your fleet as simple as possible.

Responsive, reliable and dedicated, we know tailored and specialised expertise is crucial to business success. That’s why our highly trained team, accessible at our Business Centre Network across the UK, are poised to provide the best possible service and solutions and adapt this service to your specific business needs.

Whether it’s to provide support and advice on aspects of fleet management, like selecting vehicles and financial planning, or ongoing servicing and maintenance, we’re available and ready to make sure your business stays on the road.

For full terms and conditions speak to our Fleet specialist.